About Us


As a family , we enjoyed delicious drinks with our meals but we noticed that the drinks we bought were full of different types of preservatives and ingredients that were not suitable for our body. Also, we wanted to do away with supplements and go with the nutients that are naturally present in foods.

So, we got to work. Did a lot of research and began to incorporate more fruits and vegetables by juicing them. We started with slow juicers (masticating juicer) and  eventually moved to cold pressed juicer.

From the very first glass we drank, we noticed how refeshing the juice tasted. We were in awe of how different it was chemical free. We immediately knew we had found something really good. We gradually stopped buying drinks from the store and went full on making our own drinks.

After sharing with friends and families, we knew we wanted to share with the community at large.

Our MISSION is to  deliver nutritious and delicious 100% fresh fruit and vegetable juice to you. Whether you are having a meal or enjoying an event with friends and family, let FamLand Juice be the drink of your choice.