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Melon Burst

Melon Burst

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Enjoy this chill sweet juice that is packed with nutrients. Some benefits in each bottle of Melon Burst:

  • Grapes:
    • Contains vitamins K, C, and Copper; packed with antioxidants, helps with glowing skin, serves as anti-acne, anti-aging. 
    • Helps with brain health, lowers cholesterol, heart health, kidney health, eye health and much more.
  • Watermelon:
    • Potassium, Lycopene (helps lower risk of heart disease), Natural diuretic, speeds up recovery of fatigue.
    • Good sourece of vitamins C and K.
    • Promotes weight loss, improves vision and strengthens teeth.
  • Lemon:
    • Victamin C... boost good digestion.
    • Natural antibiotic.
    • Prevents heartburn. Promotes healthy skin.
    • Improves digestion and strengthens immune system.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tosin L
Freshness guaranteed

Always fresh and refreshing. Never lasts more than 48 hrs in my home. Almost as if water no longer exists when famland juice is in our home. Guaranteed return customer for life!

Jay Ayo
Best Juice hands down.

The Classic AJ, Pine Water and melon burst are some of the juices I’ve tried and I can say they are the best I’ve had hands down. Delicious, fresh and refreshing.